‘The Daily Show’ departing correspondent Jessica Williams gets a teary goodbye

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“The Daily Show” gave Jessica Williams a touching sendoff on Thursday. But, surprisingly, the usually gabby correspondent didn’t say much about leaving the show.

Host Trevor Noah started by expressing how much Williams will be missed.

“What an exciting, yet sad moment at the same time,” he said of the show’s youngest correspondent. “You are the coolest, most awesome person. This building is going to suffer a severe lack of ‘j-willie-ness’ without you.”

“I’ve got a lot of Willie-style,” Williams tearfully agreed.

The show then played a reel of clips from Williams’ four-year stint at the show. It gave a quick overview of her broad, in-your-face style while parodying and exposing stories dealing with issues like racism, LGBT rights, politics, pop culture, and, of course, Beyonce.

The other correspondents were then given a chance to say goodbye and compliment her work. But things boiled down to one important topic: Who will get her office?

Williams isn’t going too far. She’ll be working on her own half-hour show for Comedy Central.

OK, so she didn’t get to say anything about leaving. But, possibly, her final piece for the show does all the talking. She met up with a group of former Bernie Sanders supporters who have decided that they will vote for Donald Trump, and simply knocked down all their arguments for making the switch.

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