'The Daily Show' brutally mocks the Trump team's ties to Russia

Praise for President Donald Trump’s speech to Congress on Tuesday quickly got swallowed by the revelation this week that Attorney General Jeff Sessions met with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak while a senator and an adviser to the Trump campaign in 2016.

As Trevor Noah pointed out on Thursday’s “Daily Show,” allegations that Trump’s team has been in “cahoots” with Russia have followed him since the campaign — and Noah did not hold back in mocking the latest news.

“No matter how hard the Trump administration tries, Russia just keeps coming back,” Noah said. “I’d say that Russia is Trump’s herpes.”

The bigger problem for Sessions than the meeting is the fact that he did not disclose it when asked about the Trump campaign’s potential meetings with Russia during his confirmation hearings for attorney general. Sessions said he had not met with “the Russians.”

“He lied under oath while interviewing to be the guy who prosecutes people for lying under oath,” Noah said.

A Justice Department official explained that Sessions simply “did not remember” his meeting with the Russian ambassador, which Noah found lacking.

“Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!” the “Daily Show” host said. “I’m sorry, that is not a decent excuse. How do Trump’s people keep forgetting that they have met with Russians? This is a thing. Let me tell you something: If you meet a Russian, you’ll remember that s—.”

Noah even brought out a Russian nesting doll as a visual for how leaks of the Trump team’s ties to Russia keep getting exposed.

Watch Trevor Noah’s “Daily Show” tackle Jeff Sessions’ Russia revelation below:


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