PHOTO TOUR OF "THE DAILY": See What All The Fuss Is About

The daily

Photo: Screenshot

Rupert Murdoch has set loose his iPad only newspaper, “The Daily.”We downloaded it, flipped through it, took screengrabs and now we’re giving you a walk through.

It’s an undeniably good looking newspaper, though it’s a bit slow moving, and slow loading.

At $0.99 per week, it’s smartly priced, and we think it could find a decent audience. Especially if the New York Times, WSJ, and FT charge big bucks for their iPad apps.

However, our first flip through The Daily left us slightly underwhelmed from a content point of view. None of the stories felt urgent or newsy.

We’ll continue to check it out for the next few weeks because it’s novel, so it has an opportunity to win us over on that front. Maybe we’re expecting it to be too newspapery?

Here's the intro screen for the Daily as it loads

A little explainer screen.

... and now we wait for the thing -- newspaper? magazine? app? -- to load.

Almost loaded ... it took a minute or so. This is the intro carousel you can flick through to see stories.

If you prefer a more traditional table of contents, you have it here.

If you need an explainer, The Daily includes one.

Here's the big opening story.

Turn the story sideways and you get a nice gallery of images. The images look really good for The Daily. So much so that we don't think we'll read many Daily stories, just look at photos.

This is a section dedicated to iPad applications.

The Daily feels like a magazine, not a newspaper. It doesn't have that hard driving, news-driven feel.

The graphic design is sharp, but we wonder if they can keep it up.

This is a video demoing a new game. Sort of neat, but we've seen this before in Conde Nast magazine apps.

Turn the iPad sideways and the video fills the screen.

Here's an interview with Quora.

Here's the intro to the sports section. We started to use it ... but then we got confused and distracted by the Gossip option.

And we ended up here. Again, nice big colourful photos.

Here's a story.

It took a while before we encountered an advertisement. We turned the iPad ...

... and we got this ad. But, the ad was laggy. The whole app is a little laggy right now.

Here's another example of the great design of The Daily.

Adorable photo from a gallery on the blizzard that slammed the middle of the country.

The photo here is 360 degree view.

As we played with the photo, the app crashed our iPad. Which is fine since we were done with reading The Daily ...

So, what do we think?

Our newsroom is split. None of us think the Daily is a flop or a failure by any stretch. The question comes down to who will want to read this on a regular basis. Some in the newsroom say they will check it regularly, others would prefer to read the Wall Street Journal or The New York Times. What do you think?

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