The Daily Beast Wants To Kill Banner Ads (CLIP)

Have you seen those ads on Gawker Media blogs where it looks like the sponsor’s taken over the entire site? They’re called “site-skinnings” and Nick Denton tells us that they are the main reason Gawker Media ad revenues were up 10% in January 2009 over January 2008. Here’s a quick example from today:


We’re betting you’ll see similar ads from IAC’s the Daily Beast, which has been ad-free so far.

Here’s how Daily Beast founder Tina Brown answered Times media reporter David Carr’s question about ads on the site at a talk held last night at NYU:

“We want to create interesting-looking advertising modules. We want it to be as strongly and stylishly designed as the rest of it. That’s one reason you haven’t seen banner ads.”

Smart. Readers ignore banners and advertisers get their fill of them through ad networks.

MediaBistro brought a camera to Tina’s talk and came away with this clip: