WHOA: The DA Has TONS Of Evidence Against Dominique Strauss-Kahn


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The DA just made a court filing that details some of the evidence prosecutors have on Dominique Strauss-Kahn.(The entire filing is below. It also says that DSK tried to use diplomatic immunity when he was being put under arrest.)

It’s pretty gruesome, which is not surprising considering the charges.

Among the evidence cited as stuff that will be used in court:

  • The maid’s medical records
  • DNA (reportedly¬†found on the maid’s shirt, for one)
  • A “suspect evidence” collection report (this might be referring to the evidence taken from DSK’s hotel room: An 11-foot-by-four-foot section of rug — because it might have semen on it, A swab with material on it from a bathroom sink — because ultra-violet light — aka “black-light” — suggested the sink may have contained DNA evidence, Bedsheets with blood on them, Disposable contact lenses, One used toothpick, One used drinking glass, and Bandages that contained blood.)
  • Sexual assault forensic examination report (for the details of that one, read this)
  • Photographs or drawings relating to the criminal action (either made by someone hired by law enforcement or by someone that the prosecution plans to call as a witness, ie the maid)
  • Photographs or photocopies or some other reproduction made by law enforcement (of what we don’t know)
  • Property obtained by the defendant (ie, her shirt, which reportedly has DSK’s DNA on it)
  • Tapes or recordings which may or may not have been made during the criminal transaction

Of course, Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s lawyer says he has evidence that seriously undermine’s the maid’s credibility, too. So this is looking to be like quite the legal battle.

Here’s the court filing:

DSK Disclosure

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