3 Stanford Freshman Skipped Finals To Launch This Startup In New York

19-year-old Felipe Munera is cofounder of Salsa.

Yesterday, Felipe Munera spent his 19th birthday launching a startup, Salsa. He and his two cofounders are freshman at Stanford; they skipped finals to fly to New York for TechCrunch Disrupt.”I have a 10-page paper due in an hour that I haven’t started yet!” he said as he showed us his site. He couldn’t even recall the paper’s topic.

Munera is the kind of founder you want to root for.

He exudes excitement for entrepreneurship, he looks like a Colombian Justin Bieber, and he has a good idea.

His startup, Salsa, is an easy way to find a playmate.

When people are bored, they call or IM multiple friends until they find someone who is free. Salsa does that work for you.

When a user is free, they click a button on Salsa that blasts a text message to other free friends.  Then the two free friends can group text each other to make plans.

Munera’s idea needs to be a mobile app; right now it’s just a website. He and his cofounders are developing Android and iPhone versions that will be released this summer. Once the apps launch, they could compliment group texting startups GroupMe or Fast Society nicely and bring friends together seamlessly.

Salsa literally launched in the cloud on the plane to Disrupt last weekend. Munera says his father is the company’s sole investor.

Isn’t that counter-productive, we asked, to fund your child’s startup and his college tuition?

Munera doesn’t think so. “In a few years I’ll be able to say, ‘Don’t worry Dad, college is on me.”

Ah, to be young and naive. We hope he’s right though. At its core the idea is good, but only time (and execution) will tell.