The CSIRO Cheated A Global Drug Company: Report


[credit creator=”Getty/John Moore”]

Linton Besser and Nicky Phillips at The Sydney Morning Herald have an article out this morning, about how the CSIRO duped global drug giant Novartis into buying anti-counterfeit technology which could be easily compromised.

According to the article, the CSIRO passed off cheap chemicals it had bought from China as a ”trade secret” formula in a deal worth millions.

Besser’s and Phillips’ investigation has uncovered that the CSIRO, along with its listed parter Datadot, misled Novartis about the anti-counterfeit technology to close a deal.

This was despite internal warnings, with the Herald reporting that it has seen emails that prove executives knew that what they were selling was not a ‘trade secret’.

The CSIRO is Australia’s national science agency.

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