The CrunchPad — Er, JooJoo — Is Still Toast


No matter what the CrunchPad is called these days — the JooJoo, CrunchPad, whatever — it’s going to flop.

Why? The same problems it had in the first place. They are…

  • Too much money for not enough gadget. At $500, this Web-only tablet is very expensive. And it doesn’t do much — just a Web device. No iTunes, no app store, not even Zune subscriptions. This is not something that mainstream buyers are looking for. And it’s definitely not what Arrington first hoped the CrunchPad would be, “a dead simple Web tablet for $200.”
  • Tiny startup with no marketing prowess. This thing is supposed to go up against a tablet from Apple. And maybe one from Microsoft. And the Kindle. And much cheaper netbooks. Forget it.
  • No major retail presence. The company says “in the future.” But until this thing is on the shelves at Best Buy, Costco, Target, Walmart, etc., it’s not going to sell enough to stay in business. And there’s no reason to believe this will happen.
  • It won’t ship until February. This assumes no further delays, which is a pipe dream for hardware startups. By the time it actually ships, who knows what it’ll be going up against.

For the uninitiated, this is the touch-pad gadget that was unveiled today as the JooJoo, after the company creating it — Singapore-based Fusion Garage — had a blow-up with TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington last month.

This won’t last very long.