30 of the most eye-catching and memorable outfits on 'The Crown'

NetflixNetflix’s ‘The Crown’ is currently on its fourth season.
  • Netflix’s “The Crown” is reportedly one of the most expensive TV shows ever produced, and the series’ costumes reflect that.
  • Some of the most iconic outfits were recreated after the original looks.
  • The latest season features some of Princess Diana’s most memorable fashion moments.
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Netflix’s “The Crown” is a period drama about the British royals, so it’s no wonder it’s reportedly one of the most expensive TV shows ever produced.

For the past four seasons, the wardrobe team has worked with real-life inspirations of what Queen Elizabeth and the rest of the Windsors wore in the 1950s and beyond, using clothing as a storytelling tool.

Read on for 30 of the best and most significant looks on the series.

The blue summer dress Elizabeth wears on the commonwealth tour is breezy but prim.

NetflixThis outfit on ‘The Crown’ is summery and opulent.

The white belt, hat, gloves, pearls, and purse paired with this light-blue dress is a fancy summer look fit for Elizabeth (Claire Foy).

Even a queen can wear jeans in nature.

NetflixClaire Foy on ‘The Crown.’

Also on the commonwealth tour on the first season’s second episode, the fictionalized Elizabeth and Philip (Matt Smith) go on a safari in Kenya and have some car trouble on their way back into town.

The denim-wearing queen-to-be reminds everyone that she used to be a mechanic by fixing the car in this casual outfit.

Princess Margaret looks regal in this floral dress.

NetflixThis pink off-the-shoulder dress is flowy and romantic.

On season one, episode three, Princess Margaret (Vanessa Kirby) indulges in her ill-fated affair with Peter Townsend (Ben Miles) while wearing this soft-pink off-the-shoulder dress.

Her strong romantic streak often shines through in dramatic pieces like this one.

As her coronation nears, Elizabeth dresses more regally.

NetflixElizabeth starts dressing up for her upcoming coronation.

When she and Philip attend the ballet on season one, episode five, Elizabeth dons a grand tiara with jewellery to match and a white stole around her blue gown.

Earlier in the episode, she practices walking with the unfamiliar weight of the imperial crown on her head, so this accessory choice may serve as a visualisation of Elizabeth growing into her future role.

Princess Margaret pairs a bronze one-shoulder dress with a bold lip.

NetflixVanessa Kirby on ‘The Crown.’

It’s only fitting that Princess Margaret would wear something romantic and daring to ask her sister, Queen Elizabeth, for permission to marry Peter.

She also wears a gold necklace to match the dress’ silky fabric.

Queen Elizabeth looks the part in this snowy ball gown.

NetflixThis outfit is fitting for one of the most powerful women in the world.

The tiara, jewellery, gloves, and sash all add up to a look befitting the Queen of England.

This black-and-white dress is fresh and bright.

NetflixQueen Elizabeth’s black-and-white dress is perfect for her trip to Bermuda on ‘The Crown.’

Queen Elizabeth wears this detailed, black-and-white printed dress on a visit to Bermuda on season one, episode eight.

The dress is perfect for the episode set in a tropical paradise, as it reflects the sunlight and crystal-blue waters around her.

Princess Margaret lives for the spotlight, and it shows in her wardrobe.

NetflixVanessa Kirby on ‘The Crown.’

Princess Margaret may not like the restrictions of royal life, but she gleefully wears the glamour of it.

Wearing a sizable tiara and necklace, Princess Margaret dons this shiny, almost-metallic silken gown on season one, episode eight.

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth’s stable clothes are charmingly relaxed.

NetflixMatt Smith and Claire Foy on ‘The Crown.’

When visiting a star horse’s breeding session during their downtime, Prince Philip wears a silk windbreaker over a sweater, and Queen Elizabeth dons a belted brown jacket over a muted-teal top she pairs with a delicate collar and plaid skirt.

Princess Margaret owns quite a few golden gowns.

NetflixThis dress is another of Princess Margaret’s iconic off-the-shoulder numbers.

Wearing one of her signature off-the-shoulder dresses on the season-one finale, Princess Margaret is as glamorous as a party girl could be in this chiffon number painted with gold.

Prime Minister Anthony Eden wears a matching jacket and vest.

NetflixJeremy Northam on ‘The Crown.’

Featured on both his suit jacket and vest, the subtle stripes are a great look for the Prime Minister (Jeremy Northam) on “The Crown.” And the crisp white shirt underneath provides a stylish contrast.

Prince Philip deviates slightly from his usual dark colour palette.

NetflixMatt Smith on ‘The Crown.’

Given that Prince Philip is so often in uniform, it’s refreshing to see him outside of formal occasions.

Although his look is still reserved and regal, the pairing of this grey suit with a deep-red tie on season two, episode two is unexpected and fashionable.

Prince Philip, a true navy man at heart, becomes one with the sea.

NetflixPrince Philip sports a beard on this episode of ‘The Crown.’

With the cosy knit sweater and the beard he grows after months at sea, Prince Philip could pass for a rural fisherman.

This iconic look hints that he’s perhaps enjoyed his time away from the palace a bit too much.

Queen Elizabeth’s mint jacket and skirt set is all royal business.

NetflixThe Queen knows how to mix style and business on ‘The Crown.’

Many of the Queen’s nonformal outfits are conservative sweater-sets in plain colours.

But this outfit sets itself apart as a frosty-spearmint matching set, with some textural contrast between the smooth jacket and pleated skirt.

Although their marriage is at its rockiest, Philip wears a heart-print tie to see Eliizabeth.

NetflixPrince Phillip wears a tie with hearts on it on ‘The Crown.’

Later on season two, episode three, the royal couple reunites after time apart.

Philip wears a cutesy, romantic tie, which may serve as an ironic cover-up for bubbling rumours of trouble in the royal marriage.

Princess Margaret meets her new flame while dressed to the nines for a wedding.

netflixThis rose-gold number is an iconic outfit on ‘The Crown.’

After a mysterious photographer captures a photo of Princess Margaret donning a dramatic rose-gold coat and classic tiny hat, viewers later get a look at the dress beneath the coat, which is the same colour and shaped by sharp gathers at the waist.

Princess Margaret sits for her portrait in a butterfly-embellished gown.

NetflixThis outfit does not quite fit Princess Margaret’s style on ‘The Crown.’

Although it’s an off-the-shoulder number, this dress is much frothier than Princess Margaret’s usual silhouettes.

The butterflies are a fun, if a somewhat juvenile, touch based on the dress the real-life Princess Margaret wore for her actual portrait that speaks to the pull between who she is and who she has to be.

This stylish teal dress is more Princess Margaret’s regular speed.

NetflixVanessa Kirby on ‘The Crown.’

The dress in which she’s supposed to announce her engagement – but instead ends up reaming out her would-be fiancĂ© – has a sweetheart neckline, brocade bodice, leg slit, and feathered train.

Antony Armstrong-Jones’ outfit has a modern flair.

NetflixAntony Armstrong-Jones’ outfit shows that he is a bit of an outsider.

Mysterious photographer Antony (Matthew Goode) is a breath of fresh air for Princess Margaret – he’s scandalous and treats her differently than everyone else who moves around Buckingham Palace.

Appropriately, he wears a looser shirt and thinner tie, an outfit that sets him apart.

Princess Margaret’s streetwear is dramatic and fashionable.

NetflixPrincess Margaret wears streetwear as well as formal gowns.

Season two, episode four, “Beryl,” has a lot of wardrobe hits because royal fashion star Princess Margaret has so much screen time.

This fuzzy patterned coat is another one of her stylish pieces.

The queen wears a champagne-coloured dress for a televised Christmas message.

NetflixClaire Foy on ‘The Crown.’

Although she bemoans being made to feel like a showgirl, Queen Elizabeth grins and bears it as she gives way to a slightly more modern style for her TV appearance on season two, episode five

The dress is still appropriate for her station, but more approachable.

Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Mother’s churchgoing outfits are iconically pastel.

NetflixThe Queen wears uncharacteristically light colours on this episode of ‘The Crown.’

On the sixth episode of the sophomore season, the queen and the queen mother (Victoria Hamilton) wear uncharacteristically light, cheery-coloured outfits to Billy Graham’s sermon.

Princess Margaret wears another coat with a dramatic, tall collar.

NetflixThis is just one of Princess Margaret’s memorable coats on ‘The Crown.’

Princess Margaret wears this coat on the season two, episode seven.

The coat’s fabric appears to be embroidered intricately, and the piece is topped with a stark, black collar that complements the princess’ winged eyeliner.

Princess Margaret wears a gorgeous pink gown to celebrate her engagement.

NetflixOn ‘The Crown,’ Princess Margaret masters her royal style.

At the party Queen Elizabeth throws for Princess Margaret and Antony, the princess wears a powder-pink ball gown with silver accents and a gorgeous gather at the back.

She looks the part of a princess without losing her fashionable edge.

The show faithfully replicated what the real Queen Elizabeth wore to meet first lady Jackie Kennedy.

NetflixThe queen’s outfit on this episode of ‘The Crown’ is a replica of a real gown that she once wore.

The fluffy, blue dress is notable for being impressively similar to its real-life counterpart – and the first lady’s dress wasn’t too far off, either.

The pile of chiffon, with its high, rounded neckline, is a stark comparison to Jackie’s (Jodi Balfour) sleek, stylish dress.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip both wear deep-green sweaters for their reconciliation scene.

NetflixQueen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip are in sync during their reconciliation on ‘The Crown.’

On the season-two finale, the marital troubles between Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip come to a head at the hands of a scandal. The two have a conversation in Scotland, which seems to promise a turning point in their relationship.

Both are wearing deep-green sweaters – a possible visualisation of their reconciliation after two seasons of tension and separation.

Olivia Colman steps up as Queen Elizabeth in this iconic gown.

NetflixOlivia Colman on ‘The Crown.’

In the second generation of the show’s cast members, Colman plays Queen Elizabeth.

Although Colman’s first episode is riddled with political intrigue and complex dynamics, the queen still dresses as regally as ever.

Wearing this intricately beaded light-blue gown paired with white gloves and a glittering purse, the queen delivers a speech with expected tact.

The show’s portrayal of Princess Diana is as fashionable as ever.

NetflixEmma Corrin on ‘The Crown.’

Season four introduced a new iconic character to the royal mix, the beloved Princess of Wales (Emma Corrin).

The late member of the royal family was known for her personable spirit, which is clear in her clothing. On season four, episode three, Princess Diana sports a pair of pink checkered pants with a matching sweater.

This outfit is just one of her several memorable looks on the show’s latest season.

The princess dons the iconic black-sheep sweater on “The Crown.”

NetflixThis memorable sweater is finally available to buy again.

Princess Diana’s memorable black-sheep sweater is featured on the fourth season of “The Crown.”

This particular outfit serves as a reminder of how much attention to detail the show’s crew gives to the costumes.

The designer reissued the sweater in 2020, and it is available to buy again after all these years.

Princess Diana’s wedding dress was recreated for the fourth season of “The Crown.”

NetflixThis outfit is a replica of Princess Diana’s real-life wedding dress.

“The Crown” leads up to Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ (Josh O’Connor) historic wedding.

Prince William and Prince Harry own the real dress, but “The Crown’s” wardrobe team recreated the gown, from the puffy sleeves to the 25-foot train.

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