The Crowd Loved Sam Newman's Coarse Rant On The James Hird Drug Claims


Sam Newman gets plenty of things wrong but the Footy Show crowed loved it last night when he ranted about the substance injection allegations against Essendon coach James Hird.

AFL legend Hird has been dragged further into the sports doping scandal by allegations from physio Stephen Dank who claims to have injected the coach with a blacklisted drug.

Here’s what Newman said:

“This is a hotch-potch of rumour and innuendo, a contrived psuedo-fact-finding mission which no one has been able to prove in any circumstance at all and that is an absolute disgrace.

“If you’re not involved directly with playing sport, you can ingest cockroach semen if you like.

“As we said a month ago, when this all finally settles something may well have happened to Essendon that is not correct, but as we sit here again this is an absolute disgrace and if I, I’ll make an appeal now to Essendon, if you’d like to send me a membership form, I’d like to join your club.

“That man James Hird — and I don’t give a stuff … if he said I was a good bloke or we gave him a cap, he is a star, that club is a great club, and until they have been proven to have done anything, this is the greatest lot of crap I have ever heard and they should be held accountable those people for writing shit.”

Watch the video below.

In the latest developments, the Herald Sun reports that Hird will tell anti-doping authorities next week that he accepted two injections for health reasons.

(Hat Tip: Triple M)

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