The crocodile which killed a woman in Queensland has been found

Photo: Ian Waldie/Getty Images.

A crocodile found with the remains of 46-year-old Cindy Waldron has been captured and killed.

Rangers confirmed the 4.3 metre crocodile was responsible for the death of the tourist from New Zealand who went swimming with her friend Leeann Mitchell at Thornton Beach on Sunday night.

It was removed from Cooper Creek in the Daintree on Friday afternoon by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP) officers and “humanely euthanised”.

Although Mitchell managed to escape, witnesses reportedly heard Waldron shout out “a croc’s got me, a croc’s got me”, Nine News reports.

The incident prompted the state government to dedicate an additional $5.8 million for crocodile management over the next three years.

“We don’t know with enough scientific accuracy if crocodile numbers are increasing or decreasing in some river systems, and in light of a suspected crocodile attack in the Daintree we need to know,” said environment minister Steven Miles.

“There are serious public safety concerns associated with croc country, and we need to explore ways to live side-by-side with these animals and protect crocodile populations in the wild.”

It was the second crocodile removed from the creek as part of the investigation into Waldron’s death.

Only saltwater crocodiles inhabit the Daintree. They are usually between 5 and 6 metres long, with an estimated 70 crocodiles in the Daintree River.

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