The Crew Of Star Trek Beams Into Microsoft's Lobby

Microsoft on Monday released a bunch of fun facts about the company via a Windows 8-style website.

A lot of these facts are marketing statistics like the number of Windows Phone apps (170,000), how many people use Office (1 billion), or how many use the Kinect motion controller for Xbox (24 million sold worldwide).

But there were a few that really caught our eye:

Employees guzzle 2.6 million gallons of free drinks every year at the Redmond mega campus, mostly Coke Zero. That adds up to about 1 million cans of Coke Zero consumed annually.

Employees eat three quarters of a billion slices of pizza every year, but alas, not on Microsoft’s dime. They order 554,000 pizza slices and 250,000 personal-sized pizzas in Microsoft cafeterias.

And, our personal favourite:

Microsoft owns one of world’s largest corporate art collections: 4,728 pieces!

This includes a piece of the Berlin Wall and the sculpture pictured below by Devorah Sperber of Spock, Kirk, and McCoy, the officers of the Star Trek Enterprise, beaming into the the lobby of Microsoft’s Studio D. It’s made from 75,000 beads.

Microsoft Star TrekFacebook/Microsoft Art CollectionMicrosoft Star Trek sculpture

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