Check Out All The Zany Phones We Found When We Toured Japan's Electronics District


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Two years ago we took photos of all the crazy phones in Japan trying to kill the iPhone.On our recent trip back, we decided to do a follow up, and snap photos of the phones in the electronics district of Japan.

What a difference two years makes. Yes, there are still all sorts of crazy, colourful phones in Japan.

But, there’s also been an explosion in Android-based phones. It’s making a big difference.

In 2010, the iPhone dominated the smartphone market in Japan, capturing 72% of the market. In the first half of 2011, it was down to just 18.7% of the market, with Android taking 80% share, according to the MultiMedia Institute Research.

That probably shifted a little bit at the end of the year when Apple released the iPhone 4S, and got on KDDI, the second largest carrier in Japan. It was already on Soft Bank, the third place carrier.

So, what do these Android phones look like? What do the other phones look like?

DISCLOSURE! Rakuten, a dominant e-commerce company in Japan, flew us out to talk about its plans to expand internationally. It paid for planes, trains, and wonderful hotels.

This is what it's like to shop for a phone in Akihabara, the electronics district. There are walls upon walls of phones.

These are cheap-o phones. Not the kind of high-end stuff Apple would worry about.

This is an adorable phone.

These little phones have a price tag of ~$200. We didn't see many of them in the wild in Japan.

Flip phones are surprisingly popular in Japan. We saw them more than any other phone.

Some more flip phones, closer up.

They come in a number of colourful flavours.

Then there are these phones, which are weird.

This flip phone, which does more than your normal flip phone. It flips open and turns into a touch screen phone. The hybrid!

The Xperia phones are pretty common here.

Windows Phone is in Japan! But, it's buried in the pile of Android phones.

Another look at the Windows Phones, this time in a different store

We're not sure what's going on here, but these bright displays are super common

A whole wall of the Samsung Galaxy phones

This is a big screen phone that runs on LTE. Not sure about the brand, though.

Don't get us wrong, the iPhone is still huge. Here you can see a big display as soon as you walked onto one of the floors of the store.

And there was even a store filled with nothing but iPhone cases.

But, the non-iPhones are everywhere!

A close up of those STAR7 phones and their various colour options.

Some more weirdo phones, the honey bee!

Look closely at the bottom and you'll see the only BlackBerry for sale that we spotted

We actually saw more BlackBerry clones than BlackBerrys

We're not sure what's up with these phones, but they have one weird dial on them.

Here's the Galaxy Note, Samsung's latest hope of crushing the iPhone.

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