Conservative Radio Host Says Andrew Breitbart Might Have Been Assassinated


Michael Savage, the nation’s 3rd-most listened-to talk-radio host, is suggesting that Andrew Breitbart might have been assassinated two nights ago. 

The report comes from WorldNetDaily, a right-wing website that periodically promotes conspiracy theories about Obama’s birth certificate. 

Basically, Savage encouraged his millions of listeners to wonder whether or not Breitbart was killed to protect Barack Obama from criticism. 

From WND:

“Maybe my overly active imagination kicked into overdrive,” Savage told his listeners of his decision to raise the question. “But you heard what Breitbart said – he has videos … we’re going to vet the president.”

“I’m asking a crazy question,” Savage said, “but so what? We the people want an answer. This was not an ordinary man. If I don’t ask this question, I would be remiss.”

We await the Los Angeles County Coroner’s report to–hopefully–put this kind of thing to rest. 

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