13 Bizarre McDonald's Locations Around The World

McDonald’s is the world’s largest restaurant brand.

And it doesn’t hesitate to throw up its chains everywhere — whether its in the middle of a desert or inside a decommissioned plane.

Here are 13 of the fast food chain’s most bizarre locations. Some are quaint, and some are just crazy.

Near the Palace of Versailles in France

Maybe what Marie Antoinette meant was, 'Let them eat cake... and a Big Mac, too.'

This location is situated right next to the train station that brings in visitors from Paris. The restaurant looks pretty plain. But it's a convenient place for tourists to get a snack even a peasant could afford before touring a destination that was once home to some of the most lavish royalty in the world.

Close to the Guantanamo Bay Prison

This one may win the award for the bleakest McDonald's location. And if Obama's newest push to close the high-security prison is successful, it might not last much longer.

The restaurant is one of the few dining options near Guantanamo. And there have been reports that detainees are rewarded with Happy Meals if they cooperate during interrogation sessions.

Inside a plane in New Zealand

Taupo, New Zealand is known for its scenic shorelines and volcanic mountains. It's also the only location home to a McDonald's in a decommissioned plane.

The plane is a DC-3 airliner and was used from the 1960s through the 1980s before being decommissioned and purchased by the city's mayor. Diners can eat inside, and you can check out the cockpit when you're done with your meal.

In a UFO-like structure in New Mexico

Roswell earned its place on the map after an alleged UFO was said to have crashed outside city limits in 1947. And the McDonald's in the city has taken advantage of the extraterrestrial atmosphere in the area by shaping the lobby of its location in Roswell to look like a spaceship.

If it doesn't satisfy your hunger for your day in the spooky New Mexico city, check out the International UFO Museum & Research centre down the street.

In the middle of the Negev Desert

This is a weird one. Apparently McDonald's felt the need to pop up a location in the middle of the Negev Desert in Israel. The reason? They want to take advantage of hungry tourists who pass through the arid area on their way to the country's resort towns.

Still, it seems a bit obscure to have a drive-thru in the middle of the desert. Grab your McKebabs while you can.

Outside Windsor Castle in England

Queen Elizabeth must have a soft spot for Big Macs because the Crown Estate has a McDonald's location near Windsor Castle in its real estate portfolio.

The queen's estate purchased the McDonald's as part of a deal to buy a retail park in 2008. Maybe the restaurant will add a McRoyal to the menu.

Below the Museum of Communism in Prague

McDonald's, one of the pinnacles of American capitalism, has a restaurant right below the Museum of Communism in the Czech Republic.

According to some websites, this was McDonald's first venture into historic properties. And the museum embraces the fast food foreigner. On some signs, it lists its address as 'above McDonald's, across from Benetton.'

In a historic mansion in Long Island

When McDonald's bought this old Georgian Mansion in Hyde Park, Long Island in the '80s, it originally planned to knock it down. Instead, after locals spoke out, it renovated the building, which is known as the Denton House. And now its one of the classiest McDonald's joints in the country.

This YouTube video shows the view from the inside. It's pretty shaky, but you get the idea.

In a former sea captain's house in Maine

This location in Freeport, Maine, used to be a sea captain's home in the 1800s. McDonald's planned to tear it down when it decided to build a restaurant on the premises, but a local group, called the 'Mac Attacks,' formed in protest. And McDonald's kept the house intact instead.

This McDonald's also is known to serve lobster rolls, keeping in line with the Maine sea captain theme.

In an old town hall building in Ireland

During the time this building was built, its architects probably weren't too concerned about putting in a drive-thru window. But McDonald's has made itself a home in this 1800s facade in the town hall building in Bray in County Wicklow, Ireland.

USA Today named the spot one of its top 10 coolest McDonald's around the world and had this to say: 'The walk-up restaurant looks a tad out of place in such a pastoral location, but with a location right inside the Town Hall, they've certainly figured out the most central location in the city!'

Near the Spanish Steps in Rome

There's a good chance you'll be hungry after climbing Rome's famed Spanish steps. But if you're not in the mood for authentic Italian fare, you can grab your favourite McDonald's food right next door.

This McDonald's is supposed to be one of the fanciest -- with tiled mosaics on the interior and cobblestone steps. It also has rare McDonald's fare like a salad bar and pastries.

Outside the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina

We're guessing that the Vanderbilts typically don't dine on Value Meals during their family dinners. But one of the nation's most elegant McDonald's has a spot right outside their famed North Carolina estate.

The McDonald's features a grand piano inside, as well as a stamped copper ceiling. It's not every day you can enjoy your McDouble and fries next to an elegant fireplace.

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