The cost of a visit to the GP is about to go up again

Don Hany as Dr Jesse Shane in the series Heartbeat. Tyler Golden/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The recommended fee for a standard consultation with your GP is about to rise $2 to $78.

With the government rebate frozen at $37.05 since July 2014, that means a potential out of pocket expense of $40.95, depending on whether you can find a bulk billing doctor or not.

The latest price rise is within the Australian Medical Association’s (AMA) new recommended fees for 2016.

“The freeze is an enormous burden on hardworking GPs,” says Tony Bartone, a Melbourne GP and vice president at the AMA.

“Practices cannot continue absorbing the increasing costs of providing quality care year after year.

“Many patients will pay more to see their doctor because of the Medicare freeze. It is inevitable that many GPs will need to review their decision to bulk bill some of their patients.”

This year, AMA fees have been indexed on average by 2.35%.

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