MAP: The Corn Belt Would Need A Ridiculous Amount Of Rain To Make Up For The Drought

The current U.S. drought that covers two-thirds of the nation has already devastated this year’s corn harvest and will surely inflate food prices next year.

Last week the U.S. drought monitor showed that the worst drought in a generation was intensifying at an unprecedented rate – there was a nearly threefold increase in areas of extreme drought in the nine Midwestern states that produce three quarters of the country’s corn and soybean crops.

Bloomberg reports that corn rose to a record $8.205 a bushel in Chicago yesterday – July saw the biggest monthly gain since 1988 – and soybeans reached an all-time high on July 23.

The NOAA has published a chart showing how much rain would be needed to return the soil to a “near normal” conditions, providing some perspective on how bad it’s been (h/t reddit/endswithacomma): 


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