BE A BETTER DIRECTOR: The core skills of the modern business leader

AICD‘Be a Better Director’ is brought to you by the Australian Institute of Company Directors, an internationally-recognised organisation dedicated to directors. With over 35,000 members, AICD’s activities include education, development programs, publications on directors’ and governance issues, and promoting matters of interest to directors. Members range from directors of ASX-listed companies to not-for-profit organisations, family and private companies and entrepreneurial ventures.
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Athletes, for each sport they seek to master, have a core set of skills which they hone and rework throughout their careers.

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Those set of skills don’t change over time. They, hopefully, just get better, faster, more precise and efficient with better endurance or staying power.

In management, however, there’s a theory that different skills are needed at different stages of a career, different leadership skill muscles to be trained at different levels.

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