The 12 coolest neighbourhoods in Europe

Europe’s hottest neighbourhoods are home to cutting-edge art, hip restaurants, and eclectic bars.

Some of these neighbourhoods were once areas of political turmoil that have been transformed into creative hubs. Others have stood as artistic gems for years. 

From Kreuzberg, where Berlin’s punk rock movement was born, to Amsterdam-Noord, which is home to the continent’s biggest vintage market, here are 12 of the coolest neighbourhoods in Europe.

SAVAMALA, BELGRADE, SERBIA: The Savamala district continues to grow as one of Serbia's cultural centres. It's home to the Mikser House, an art and performance space which hosts programs like its four-day Mikser Festival which features DJs, punk-rock, alternative, and rock musicians, as well as art installations.

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MALSAÑA, MADRID, SPAIN: In Malasaña, you'll see a variety of cosy cafes where you can sip locally-grown coffee in the day and dance to bluegrass bands at night. Popular stops include Tupperware, a bar lined with murals from the '70s; Ojalá, a restaurant where you'll find a beach complete with sand and wave projections; and the Fábrica Maravillas brewery, which serves beer that's brewed on location.

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GRÜNERLØKKA, OSLO, NORWAY: In this trendy district you can browse through the Birkelunden flea markets every Sunday, peruse works in numerous art galleries, and find artisan coffee shops. Grab a drink in the cosy brick-cellar microbrewery Schouskjelleren Mikrobryggeri.

Learn more about the Schouskjelleren Mikrobryggeri.

MIERA IELA, RIGA, LATVIA: Miera iela, known as Peace Street, is a favourite for gallery-owners, painters, and writers, thanks to its array of gourmet coffee shops like Rocket Bean Roastery, where coffee is roasted for you on-the-spot with an Aeropress, and DAD cafe, which turns into a music venue in the evening. It's also home to the famous Laima chocolate factory and museum.

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