The Coolest Movie-Inspired Items You Can Actually Buy

tron motorcycleThe Tron Light Cycle can be yours for the right price.

Photo: YouTube / screencap

The Tron Light Cycle. Lightsabers. The Hoverboard.They’re not just fictional items in film favourites anymore. 

Now, you can buy nearly anything from a movie … with enough cash.

This is why I’m Broke features a bunch of high-tech toys, movie and game-themed items for sale. 

We scoured the site and the Web to find outrageously expensive and more affordable movie replicas.

From the Ring of Mordor to a live-talking R2-D2, see what movie toys you can actually buy.

Tron Light cycle: $55,000

Yes, the Tron motorcycle exists.

Even better, it's street legal.

Parker Brothers Choppers produced an electric light cycle replica with spinning rims that lights up. The only thing the bike doesn't do is produce a beam of light protruding from its backend.

Batsuit: $1,540

Much more affordable than a real life Batsuit, you can purchase a Batman motorcycle suit. The only thing it's missing is the cape and cowl.

The alternative? You could just settle for a Batman snuggie.

Sex Panther Cologne: $34.95

With 'Anchorman 2' in the works, it's time to bring out the scent banned in nine countries.

Star Wars Lightsaber: $299.95

This isn't one of the force FX lightsabers that go for $130. You could take your eye out with this powerful laser.

There are a number of replicas you can purchase. If this one's a bit pricey, there's always the kid version available for a more affordable $13.50.

Live-talking R2-D2: $139.99

If you have the lightsaber, you'll need a droid to go with it.

This voice-controlled R2-D2 responds to more than 40 commands.

In March, Mattel took pre-orders for the much-anticipated hoverboard.

It doesn't so much hover as it does 'glide' over most items. The 'Back to the Future' replicas ship at the end of the year.

Harry Potter magic wand: $75

OK, so it can't unlock doors or summon items; however, it can change the channels on your television.

The Harry Potter wand remote can turn the television on and off, change channels and the volume. all with a flick of the wrist.

There was never just one ring to rule them all. At least, not in real life.

The gold-plated ring of Mordor replica even has Elvish script laser-engraved on both the inside and outside.

Wolverwine Hand Blade: $104.62

These claws may have little skulls in the design; however, they're clearly Wolverine claws.

We're not really sure what you'd do with a pair of these once you had them, but they're pretty cool.

Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite: $15.99

You'll never be able to have Han Solo frozen in carbonite on your wall; however, you can carry him around in your pocket with this iPhone cover.

If you're not into the phone case, you can get Solo-shaped ice cubes.

Optimus Prime Statue: $10,000

He doesn't talk and he may not transform into a car, but you can have Optimus Prime in your home.

If that's too much, you can settle for a mini 4GB USB transformer.

Fighter Spaceship Bed: starting at $15,000

This puts race car beds to shame.

TV Bonus: Barney Stinson's Suit Pajamas: $89.95

Legen - wait for it - dary.

The same suit pajamas Neil Patrick Harris' Barney Stinson wears in 'How I Met Your Mother.'

Video game BONUS: A Working Nintendo Controller Coffee Table: $3500

For the ultimate gamer: a coffee table inspired by a NES game controller. And, yes, it works.

Watch it in action here.

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