The Coolest Invention Ever: Smokeless Caffeine Cigarettes

A Harvard professor has invented possibly the most useful caffeination product ever: caffeine cigarettes (no nicotine, only caffeine in air form).

The inhalable product, “Le Whif,” is going to be incredibly helpful in many Wall Street situations:

  • all nighters
  • too much coffee already in your stomach
  • hangovers

Mostly this is just a huge time saver. No waiting in line for coffee, no waiting for your machine to make coffee, no waiting for your coffee to cool down or waiting while you re-heat it in the microwave.

Just use Le Whif! It’s a “lipstick” style container that you pull open, insert into your mouth, and inhale. It’s equivalent to 1 shot of espresso (100 mg of caffeine).

This is going to be a huge hit. Especially for anyone who hates the taste of Red Bull, any caffeine product’s #1 competitor.

You will be able to buy it at Dylan’s candy bar in packs of three ($8) or individually ($3) later this month. Sadly, Dylan’s sold out of the product within three hours of unveiling it on Thursday. They are also sold out online.

Thank you for the innovation, professor David Edwards and chef Thierry Marx. We will be testing and reviewing your amazing product ASAP.

How to use lewhif


(Via IvyGate Blog.)

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