The coolest Christmas present for kids this year is augmented reality clothing

Screenshot: 4D Threads/ Supplied.

Forget Lego, Playdoh or Barbie for Christmas, the options for kids just went up another notch thanks to Australian apparel group Hotsprings.

The group signed a deal with Best and Less to launch its 4D Threads range, a digitally-interactive clothing line brought to life via a smartphone app.

Kids, and parents alike, can watch a series of animations come to life on the clothes via the 4D Threads app when they point the phone at kids wearing the clothes.

The app is free for iPhone and Android users, and the clothes, priced between $8 to $25, are an affordable gift to put under the tree.

Tempe Biven, sales manager at Hotsprings, says the consumer demand for the technology drove the innovation behind the product.

“Augmented reality has become a fascination across many consumer markets; major companies like Apple, Nintendo and Sony are now using this technology to sell their products,” Biven said.

“Combining innovation and clothing with the objective to post via social media, was an opportunity to launch a fun and exciting product at an affordable price.”

“We chose to launch the 4D THREADS range exclusively with Best & Less, as their demographic and family-wide appeal reflects the 4D Threads consumer,” he said.

Established in 1993, Hotsprings manages brands including Mambo, P.E Nation, Cooper St and Flinders Lane.

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