The Conservatives' campaign headquarters has flooded on the day of the Brexit vote

The Conservative Party campaign headquarters has flooded, according to an email obtained by political website Guido Fawkes.

Torrential rain has battered London throughout the day as the public finally goes out to vote on the EU referendum.

The weather has resulted in transport chaos as trains are delayed and cars are drowned. Some tube stations have also been closed because of leaks.

Here is the email from Conservative Campaign HQ warning visitors of the flooding:

From: Conservative Campaign Headquarters
Subject: Access to Lower Ground Floor

There is no access to the lower ground floor at Matthew Parker Street due to flooding. Seating arrangements will be made on the Upper floor.

Guido Fawkes also notes that political magazine The Spectator’s offices, which are just down the road, have also suffered flooding.

It is undoubtedly the last thing Conservative campaigners need on the day of a referendum, which is still too close to call. A voting poll from SurveyMonkey – the group that correctly predicted the last General Election – gave Remain a slight edge, but the outcome could still go either way.

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