The Complete Guide To Surviving Layoffs


Here’s the table of contents from the “Depression 2.0 Survival Guide for High Tech Professionals” by the helpful folks at Geek360MBA. Says GeekMBA360’s Andrew Franklin: “I was laid off during the last recession in 2000, and that experience was painful. So, I’m trying to share my experience from previous layoff to help my fellow tech workers.”

How to survive and beat layoffs

  • 10 things you should do before layoff
  • Seven things you should do immediately after layoff
  • Are you laid off? — A 5-day Personal Boot camp
  • An inspiring story of starting a business during financial crisis and finding a way to beat layoffs
  • Cover letter for laid off worker
  • A book I always turn to when I look for a job
  • Beat recession advice #1: Form a network of headhunter friends
  • Beat recession advice #2: Cut expense, save money, and converse cash
  • Control your own destiny when losing your job

Should you go back to school to escape from Depression 2.0?

  • Seven lessons I learned from attending business school during recession
  • Should you go back to business school to hide from recession (Part 1)
  • Should you go back to business school to hide from recession (Par 2): 4 compelling reasons and 3 overrated reasons
  • 7 tips to improve your chance to get into business school
  • How to improve your GMAT Score from 650 to 730

What have we learned from current financial crisis?

  • What lessons I’ve learned (so far) from the current financial crisis?
  • Should you still put money into 401K now?
  • A great investment book that teaches you how to think

Industry/company analysis: ad network industry and depression 2.0

  • Adbrite layoff — is this the beginning of more ad network layoffs?
  • What about affiliate networks? — Are they in the same situation as ad networks who are starting to lay off people?

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