The company that sells 'the dress' was caught using child labour in 2007

The company selling that now-famous dress that blew up on social media last week apparently found itself in the middle of a child labour investigation, according to a 2007 report by British newpaper, the Observer.

Roman Originals — which sells the internet’s favourite black and blue dress for about $US77, and is reportedly planning to produce a white and gold version — was apparently one of at least two UK-based retailers that contracted services through a supplier in India.

During a trip through what the paper called “a network of mud-bricked sweatshops” in a section of New Delhi, the Observer said in 2007 it “found dozens of children cramped together producing clothes for the UK high street. In one sweatshop, children were finishing a summer dress, now on sale for £16.99 (about $US26) in 250 Select clothing stores across Britain.”

The paper quoted one boy who implied he lived at the sweatshop: “‘I want to work here. I have somewhere to sleep at night,’ he says looking furtively behind him. ‘The work is hard and my back hurts from crouching over the material but I am learning.'”

Roman Originals later said in a statement that it canceled its contract with the supplier immediately after learning about the accusations.

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