How LinkedIn Almost Never Existed

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When Reid Hoffman left PayPal, he considered a number of startup ideas.

Chris Saccheri and Lee Hower, LinkedIn founding members who made bank yesterday when the company went public, wrote about other ideas Hoffman was kicking around on Quora:

“The only other idea I can remember we considered was a social networking concept around the movie space,” writes Hower. “[The] vision was something analogous to Flixster, which Reid ultimately invested in as an angel.”

Saccheri says the team was also considering a hot or not idea: 

“Reid and I were working on an ‘Am I Hot or Not?’ type site for humour where people would publish jokes and others could rate or forward them.  We met every couple weeks at Reid’s place to kick around ideas and I still have a document covering use cases, key flows, branding, possible revenue streams, etc. 

“That was all we produced though.  One day Reid said, ‘Let’s put that aside. I’ve been working with some folks on another idea you might be interested in.” And we moved on to LinkedIn.”

We think they made the right decision.