The Commonwealth Bank's System Was Down This Morning

Getty/ AFP

This morning the Commonwealth was experiencing “technical issues” putting what appeared to be its entire system out of order – and customers were freaking out.

No online use and no ATM use, the outage made it apparent that consumers no longer depend on the physical presence of banks.

Commonwealth customers took to Twitter complaining that the only way to get money from their account was to physically go into their local branch, and if they’re anything like me they had to do a Google search to find out where it was.

While the issue was the cause of much frustration for people, it also had some perks.

Can’t get to work? What a shame. Long weekend anyone?

The issue, which is believed to have started at 6:50 AM EST, has now been rectified.

“Commonwealth Bank restored services at 9am this morning and we apologise to all our customers affected by this issue,” the bank said in a statement.

Despite the widespread impact the bank has kept very tight-lipped about why and how the outage occurred.

Earlier it said “We are currently experiencing intermittent technical issues with our systems. We apologise for the inconvenience to customers. The cause of the problem is under urgent investigation and we are working to have full services restored as a matter of priority.”

The cause of the system failure has not been made public.

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