The Column Everyone Is Reading In Pakistan

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What do you think when you find out that your country’s national security establishment is coddling the world’s most wanted terrorist? 

What do you think when you find out that this has been going on for at least five years? 

This is the question that haunts Pakistan today.

Dawn columnist Cyril Almeida confronts it in a column that everyone who follows Pakistan has been emailing to everyone else.  Here’s a taste:

Could the self-appointed custodians of the national interest themselves be the greatest threat to national security?

There is no joy in asking this. Pakistan exists in a tough neighbourhood. A strong and vibrant army is necessary and desirable. But as the initial shock and disbelief wears off, there is a deep, deep sense of unease here.

Did they know he was here? Surely, they knew he was here?

Nobody has come out and said it openly yet. It’s too early, the story still unfolding. Ask the question in private, though, and with hand on heart, no one will say anything but, yes, they knew he was there.

Read the whole thing.