The Colombian Prostitute Who Slept With A U.S. Secret Service Agent Spills More Humiliating Details

The Today Show snagged an interview with the Colombian prostitute, Dania Londono Suarez whose haggling with a Secret Service agent caused an international scandal. 

And she spilled more incriminating details:

  • She said that the agents were drinking vodka, “like it was water.” 
  • Suarez described them as lifting up their sweaters while they danced, “They liked to show off their bodies, great bodies, well-defined abs.”
  • “They way they approached us [for sex] it seems obvious they were used to doing it.”
  • “These seem like completely stupid, idiotic people,” Dania Londono Suarez said “I don’t know how Obama had them in his security force.”
  • She could have stolen everything in the Secret Service agent’s room if she had wanted. 



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