The coldest startup think tank on earth is now going to be the wildest

Photo by Mario Tama / Getty Images.

After more than 100 entrepreneurs headed south in January, bound for Antarctica and a week of discussing startups and ideas, Unstoppables founder Julio De Laffitte is at it again, but this time he’s adding a wilder element to the think tank.

Founding member of the Unstoppables club, multi-millionaire and entrepreneur, Laffitte will send the entrepreneurs to the Brazilian Amazon for the 2016 voyage which aims to workshop ideas and “get to the future first”.

According to Startup Daily, the founders claimed 2015 was a success with more than $1 million invested in companies, almost 50 new businesses established and $12 million put forward in sponsorship.

However, with a $20,000 price tag, the “Ideas gone wild” trip into the jungle doesn’t come cheap.

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