The Cofounder Of Lady Gaga’s Startup Says It Will Be Bigger Than Facebook And Google

Joey Backplane

[credit provider=”Boonsri Dickinson, Business Insider”]

Backplane is the kind of place we think all the Facebook employees will flock to once it files its IPO.The Lady Gaga-funded startup just came out of its super secretive mode with the launch of its beta site Little Monsters

Still in beta, the site allows Lady Gaga to interact more intimately with her fans — and allows her fans to all talk to each other too.

Backplane hopes to give celebrities the chance to interact more intimately with fans then they could on Facebook or Twitter. The sites are also supposed to help fans create and share content.

Backplane-built social networks won’t just be for celebrities. In the future, communities may also form around other interest groups – designers in Palo Alto, for example.

Co-founder Joey Primiani told us, “I’m all about starting this movement. I love technology and love good design. We definitely have an amazing opportunity here to have millions of users — the most amount of users per employee. We are going to be bigger than Facebook and Google some day.”

The company is so committed to its success that it has sleeping quarters so workers never have to leave — Primiani wants people to work, sleep, and play here, and said he crashes here twice a week.

We talked to Primiani and his cofounder Alex Moore about their plans for the site. Check out the video here: