The Coalition Plans To Cut 9000 Pieces of Red Tape Tomorrow But Won’t Say What They Are

Photo: Getty / Cole Bennetts

The federal government plans to repeal around 9,000 pieces of regulation affecting businesses tomorrow morning in parliament but can’t provide a list at this point of what exactly will be changing.

The deregulation campaign is being touted as “Repeal Day”, billed as so big it even has its own website.

The AAP reports the coalition has approved bills relating to safety, rehabilitation and compensation, regulatory powers, agricultural and veterinary chemicals, intellectual property and financial advice.

No information is being released about what specifically will be repealed but a spokesperson for Parliamentary Secretary Josh Frydenberg, who is pulling together the legislation, said it wouldn’t be all lumped into one bill.

According to the spokesperson as the legislation gets introduced the information will be uploaded on the Repeal Day website.