The Coalition Could Make Australian History This Weekend If It Wins The Seat Of Griffith

Glasson vs. Butler.

Australian political history could be made in Queensland this weekend if the Coalition wins the seat of Griffith off the Opposition.

It would be the first time any opposition party has lost a seat at a by-election in 93 years.

The electorate of former prime minister Kevin Rudd will tomorrow decide whether to vote in Labor’s Terri Butler, an employment lawyer, or the Liberal National Party’s Bill Glasson, a former Australian Medical Association boss, as its MP.

If the Libs win, it will be the first time a federal government has snatched a seat in a by-election since 1920, when disgraced Labor MP Hugh Mahon became the only MP to be expelled from Federal Parliament for slagging off the British Empire.

Despite the polls pointing to a Coalition win, backed with the support of a Liberal federal government and Liberal majorities in Queensland, many suspect Griffith hold the seat, held by a slim 3% margin.

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