Employees' Paychecks Are Getting Bigger In These Cities

Houston Texas skyline

Photo: Flickr/NixBC

Although the U.S. national unemployment rate was 7.8 per cent at the end of 2012, some cities are experiencing economic recovery faster than others.According to a recently released Payscale IndexHouston, Seattle, Boston, Riverside and Dallas showed the biggest wage increases in the past year.

Workers in these cities experienced the strongest wage growth because these metro areas lead in terms of job creation in growing sectors of the economy, such as tech or the energy industry

Houston hosts a variety of strong industries, including aeronautics and healthcare, but the boom in the oil and gas industry has had the biggest positive impact on wages in the city.

Joel Kotkin and Michael Shires at Forbes wrote that Texas has added around 200,000 “generally high-paying oil and gas jobs over the past decade.”

Seattle, Boston, Riverside and Dallas are all known for their strong tech presence. 

According to the Payscale Index, the metro cities with the least annual wage growth was Washington D.C. at 1.6 per cent,

The chart below shows the wage growth compiled by Payscale:

wage growth Payscale metro areas

Photo: Payscale


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