The Chorus Grows: Windows 7 Coming This Year


Microsoft (MSFT) still won’t commit to a launch date for Windows 7, but more and more it looks like we’ll see the OS released this year.

The latest: Unnamed “PC industry sources in Asia and the U.S.” assure CNET’s Ina Fried “they have heard things are on track.”

At this point we’d be shocked not to see Windows 7 come out this year. The only reason Microsoft has held back on the launch date is to give itself time to fix any flaws with 7. But a flaw has already been found: A controversy erupted over Windows 7 security, and Microsoft said the fix will go into the “release candidate” of the new Windows and not a “Beta 2“, a strong indicator the company is being aggressive with its timetables.

So we’re considering it safe to predict we’ll see Windows 7 out in time for the holidays, which may also give a nice boost to Q4 consumer PC sales. But one thing we’re alarmingly unsure of: Will corporate users upgrade to Windows 7 when it becomes available, or stick it out with Windows XP for years to come?