A Glimpse At The California Highway Patrol Of 2025


Photo: AutoBlog

The year 2000 came and went without flying cars and robots in the kitchen for everybody, but the dream lives on in law enforcement.At least at the LA Design Challenge this year, where auto companies are tasked with designing: “Highway Patrol Vehicle 2025.”

Six companies took the challenge with half turning in designs that featured unmanned vehicles. Mercedes-Benz basically presented a souped-up version of the G-Class SUV and delivered a prototype instead of pretty posters.

The winners of the contest will be announced Nov. 29 during the LA Auto Show.

BMW's designers clearly put their thinking caps on when designing the E-Patrol (Human-Drone Pursuit Vehicle)

This two-passenger vehicle draws energy from the highway concrete heat; and the drivers can release a monowheeled pursuit unit to disable vehicles, and a flying pursuit unit to monitor the road

The flying pursuit unit (FPU) has a 3D scanner, two video cameras, and radar, all connected to the main network

Inside, the steering wheel turns through wires instead of a column, a holograph replaces the dashboard, and the windshield can process data

This is what police would see through the bullet proof window--sent from the FPU

Mercedes-Benz offered the Ener-G-Force an extremely energy-efficient version of their G-Class

The side skirts display energy charge-status, with power coming from water tanks in the roof that would through a hydro-tech converter

This toolkit, tucked into the back, includes a ladder, battering ram, shovel, and other goodies

General Motors also improved on an existing product, entering the Volt Squad into the competition

The Squad is a three-vehicle system, each using the Volt electronic propulsion system.

The differences in the vehicles are supposed to lend flexibility to the police force.

They were designed around the concept 'Observe, pursue, and engage'

Two different Honda teams competed; the 'CHiPs' 2025 Traffic Crawler is from Honda R&D Japan

The Crawler is designed to be mobile and tough as it weaves through traffic

The team paid homage to the original 'CHiPs'

The other Honda entry is Honda Advanced Design's CHP Drone Squad

It's designed to work in LA's existing infrastructure, with an auto-drone for mission control...

And moto-drones that are controlled remotely for a variety of missions

Subaru actually decided to focus on Hawaii, and the idea a highway connecting the islands, instead of the City of Angels

The Subaru Highway Automated Response Concept (SHARC) is shot out of a barrel, energy renewing, and operates on its own

It has a dual-mode traction system, featuring sustainable, organic, foam tires

When it's completed its mission, the vehicle deflates and goes back in its barrel

The actual policeman gets 3D goggles that run video from the vehicles. The goggles also allow the police to give voice commands to the vehicles

You've seen the highway patrol of 2025 ...

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