The Chilean Miner Story Will Be A Great Film -- NASA Now Advising On Giving Them Cigarettes And Booze

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If you’re a screenwriter, you should be storyboarding this trapped Chilean miner story RIGHT NOW.

For some reason, it’s been given short-shrift by the US media, but it’s fascinating.

33 gold miners have been trapped for 27 days, and they’re all alive, but a rescue tunnel may not be completed for months. The good news, besides the fact that they’re alive, is that a big enough tunnel has been created so that basic supplies like food and water and cots can be delivered.

The miners have been able to send videos to their loved ones. One even proposed to his longtime girlfriend.

And now the question is: Should they be given cigarettes and booze to help ease the horridness of their situation?

According to The Guardian, NASA (yes, our NASA, which knows a lot about men in isolation and deprivation) has been brought in, and is advising against that. It seems cruel! The banning of cigarettes seems understandable (though they have been given nicotine patches and gum) and alcohol is still up for debate (presumably they don’t want drunk miners doing anything stupid).

Meanwhile, owners of the mine have begged the miners for forgiveness.

As we said up top, this is going to be a great movie.

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