The Guy Who Wrote “Charge” Wants To Charge You For Saying “Charge”

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You know that “da-da-da-DA-da-DA…CHARGE!” chant that echos in stadiums all across the world?Apparently, that’s a real song that has been copyrighted. And the guy who came up with it wants to sue every sports team in the country for royalties.

Bobby Kent of Pompano Beach, Florida owns the copyright to the song since he is the one who composed it.

The incredibly common rally cry allegedly first appeared on a compilation known as Stadium Doodads, which he put together in the late 1970s.

Kent claims to have penned the little tune while working for the San Diego Chargers, and he’s looking to get “what he is owed.”

There seems to be some disagreement over the actual etymology of the jingle and chant, since the folks at the University of Southern California claim that one of their own came up with it. The person who wrote it was none other than Tommy Walker, the drum major/kicker for the Trojans.

In any event, it remains to be seen if there will even be any court cases as a result of this lawsuit, but Kent can say that he has earned at least a few bucks from his song recently. Last year, the Los Angeles Lakers gave Kent $3,000 dollars to settle the dispute.