The Chamber Of Commerce's Chief Economist Has Been Stood Down After 'Offensive Rants' On Facebook

Joe Hockey. Lisa Maree Williams/ Getty

Burchell Wilson has been stood down as chief economist of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) after offensive rants were allegedly discovered on his Facebook account.

One of the social media posts reportedly referred to a childhood picture of Treasurer Joe Hockey as “a fat little bastard”, while others included rants about refugees, Muslims, disabled people, The Australian reported.

A diatribe claiming conservative Islamic leaders were providing a smokescreen for Muslims who were “putting bombs on your buses and raping your children”, was also alleged to have been found.

Other screen grabs reportedly attack rival Business Council Australia and its chief executive Jennifer Westacott.

ACCI chief executive Kate Carnell directed Wilson to stand down from his position, pending a thorough investigation.

“I have been made aware of a number of offensive, derogatory and completely unacceptable Facebook posts allegedly made by ACCI chief economist Burchell Wilson,” she said.

“This is a matter we are taking very seriously.”

Wilson will be afforded the opportunity to respond to the allegations prior to any further action being taken.

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