18 Awesome Wall Streeters And The Celebrities They (Apparently) Look Like


Ever thought your boss looks just like someone but you can’t put your finger on it?

Thanks to a fantastic recommendation found yesterday in our comments section, we ran the pictures of some top Wall Streeters through the Web site Celebrity MatchUp and here are the results.

Some are spot on, some of these guys would look way better on the big screen (the way the nature of Hollywood intended), and some might actually look better if they just played themself (ie Walter Berchtold, you’ll see).

All we know is, the matches are highly entertaining. This is a movie we would wait in line to see. And sincd the news is so depressing today, we thought you needed a diversion.

Lloyd Blankfein (CEO of Goldman Sachs) and Ken Wanatabe

Jeff Skilling (former President of Enron) and Jude Law

Louis Moore Bacon (Manager of Moore Capital Management) and Matthew Perry

David Einhorn (President of Greenlight Capital) and Jim Sturgess

Erin Callan (former CFO of Lehman Brothers) and Michelle Pfeiffer

Jamie Dimon (CEO of JPMorgan Chase) and Ben Affleck

Mary Erdoes (CEO of JPMorgan's Asset Management Line) and Nicholle Tom

Bob Diamond (CEO of Barclays Capital) and Bradley Cooper

Steve Schwarzman (Chairman of the Blackstone Group) and Michael Douglas

Gary Cohn (COO of Goldman Sachs) and Marc Anthony

Glenn Dubin (Manager of JPM's Highbridge Capital) and Anthony Hopkins

Ray Dalio (Founder of Bridgewater Associates) and Nicolas Cage

Zoe Cruz (former co-President of Morgan Stanley) and Tamara Feldman

Jes Staley (CEO of JPMorgan's Investment banking division) and David Koechner

Henry Mcvey (Head of Global Macro and Asset Allocation Group at Morgan Stanley) and Orlando Bloom

Pierre Lagrange (Co-founder of GLG) and Santiago Cabrera

Brady Dougan (CEO of Credit Suisse) and Liev Schreiber

Walter Berchtold (CEO of Private Banking at Credit Suisse) and Clive Owen

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