The CEO of The Australian had the perfect response to a meltdown over the paper's tweet about Bill Shorten

ALP leader Bill Shorten is currently in the witness box at the royal commission into union corruption and the media is on hand to dissect every moment and nuance in his testimony, including The Australian newspaper.

Halfway through the morning session, they put out this tweet:

The twittersphere, as is its wont, went into a frenzy, with some of the responses funnier than others:

The Australian subsequently deleted the tweet and a short time later, the paper’s CEO, Nicholas Gray, weighed in on the issue, already tagged #watergate.

The $80k he’s referring to is a dig at rival media organisation Fairfax, and the defamation case brought by federal treasurer Joe Hockey. The Federal Court awarded Hockey $80,000 for two “treasurer for sale” tweets by The Age.

Disclosure: Fairfax Media owns Allure, publisher of Business Insider Australia.

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