The CEO of a fast-growing fintech startup tried out Samsung's new TabPro S -- here's why it blew away his expectations

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Tablets, in my experience, are a little bit hit and miss.

They can be:

  • Dangerously sleek (easy to drop)
  • Equipped with plenty of new features (impossible to use)
  • A little bit too compact to function as a laptop (might as well be a phone)

Using their keyboards never comes naturally because you can’t feel yourself typing, they’re hard to use on the go because of their size, and some of them are just all-round badly designed.

So, as a result of all of this, tablets are, I think, quite misunderstood. But the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S has managed to take itself out of all of these boxes, and create something completely different to the expected.

When tablets first came on the market, I remember the confusion. Why were brands trying to make tiny, dysfunctional laptops? Or alternatively, enormous phones that couldn’t even make calls? But after spending some time with Samsung’s latest, my understanding of its appeal has grown exponentially. In fact, I’m fond of it.

This is the part where I praise it

Photo: Sarah Kimmorley.

Firstly, it’s an excellent size. From a business perspective, it’s not always convenient carrying around a laptop. They’re heavy, bulky, and not always the best thing to bring to a meeting or presentation. The tablet however, is undisputably versatile. You can flip it upside down, spin it around, and it isn’t held down or restricted by the limitations of a mouse pad. For those of you who are new to touchscreen technology, I’m talking about the fact that you can just stab the screen with your finger, and things will happen [NB: Not advised during business meetings].

Completely based on a Windows 10 operating system, it’s got basically everything. Equipped with all of Microsoft’s major apps, weather tools, a Twitter app, Solitaire, and even the ability to remotely play Xbox, I’m impressed.

The camera is seriously good. Definitely something I’d recommend for conference calls or skype sessions. As someone who has to video chat internationally a lot, it is pretty good. Also, it’s definitely speedy. I mean, even the mouse moves faster than most computers. It’s a tiny, convenient, pocket-rocket.

But, like most things, there are going to be negative aspects.

This is the part where I critique it

Most of the apps available through Windows are pricey. Don’t get me wrong, I know this isn’t Samsung’s fault, but it’s inconvenient and unnecessary for the user. Also, it comes with a case equipped with a keyboard (positive aspect). But the case drains the battery at lightning speed (negative aspect).

Unfortunately, in such a fast-paced world, not everyone really wants to use a device that isn’t easily chargeable, and won’t last the duration of a meeting or presentation. On the plus side though, it charges quickly. So if you can duck somewhere for five minutes and hitchhike off the back of someone else’s powerpoint, you could probably get a little more juice into it at a fast speed.

To be honest, there isn’t much else bad to say. Apart from the fact that there’s no way to stand it up vertically as opposed to horizontally, I’m out of criticism.

The Samsung TabPro S is a simplistic, easy, quick, smart piece of innovative technology. And although it hasn’t quite managed to convince me indisputably of the wonders of tablets, I like it.

Fred Schebesta is the co-founder and director of comparison website and the recently launched

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