Today's Great Idea: Turn Central Park Into An Airport!


Finally, we can be done with that interminable, outrageously priced cab ride to JFK.

The Manhattan Airport Foundation wants to turn Central Park into an airport.

The plans are so detailed and the advantages are so numerous, we’ve broken them into a special slideshow!


From Above

Remember that lovely spot where you used to go ice skating, watch concerts and look at penguins?

Now it's the new taxiway!

The Airport

Oh, you have a condo on the park? Some of New York's most valuable real estate?

Well, true, Central Park Airport West just doesn't have the same ring to it. But look at it this way: You're an hour closer to Verbier!

Looks Great!

True, terrorists will have easier targets (i.e., your building). But with today's great security, we've solved that problem.

Tucked In The centre Of The City

Again, no cab ride!

The Runway Safety Area

Plenty of new stuff for the kids to do and see. They're bored of the boat pond by now anyway.

The West Airport Road

Central Park West is now West Airport Road. Convenient and keeping with the times.

The Taxi Area

More taxis! Now they'll be waiting for you at a convenient central location.

When's the ground-breaking?

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