The Catholic League Is Mailing Advertisers Crotch Shots In War Against 'Daily Show'

jon stewart vagina manger

Photo: The Daily Show

The Catholic League is using an unusual tactic to get advertisers to pull their sponsorship of The Daily Show: It is mailing the companies hundreds of photographs of a woman’s crotch. Weirder still is the fact that it seems to be working.In the mock-news show’s coverage on the “War on Women” last week, Jon Stewart showed a picture of a woman’s vagina obscured by a manger. League boss Bill Donahue didn’t like that one bit.

Delta pulled its sponsorship after receiving boatloads of letters showing the “vagina manger.”  A Facebook post made the airline’s stance official: “When Delta’s advertising appears on a show or in a publication, it isn’t intended as an endorsement of any views expressed by those outlets. But in this instance, we weren’t comfortable with the graphic nature of the image.” The picture didn’t appeal to Delta’s “desired audience.”

The next stop on the “vagina manger” train was Kellogg. Earlier this week, Donohue wrote in a statement that, “Today, all the top management at Kellogg’s will receive a colour photo of a naked woman with her legs spread and a nativity scene ornament in between. Let’s see if that jars them. Over 700 photos have been sent to leaders in Battle Creek, Michigan.”

Seven hundred!

But Kellogg hasn’t budged. It responded with the statement, “Consumers speak most loudly when they vote with their remote control and change the channel.”

Translation: “In other words,” the Catholic League wrote in a press release,  “Kellogg’s is telling Christians to shove it.”

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