The 'Cash me ousside' girl is feuding with a big retailer for using her viral line

Danielle bregoliCBSDaniell Bregoli shot to international fame for her Dr. Phil Show appearance.

A 14-year-old reality-TV star is threatening to sue Walmart for selling t-shirts and sweatshirts bearing versions of the phrase that made her famous: “Cash me ousside, how ’bout dah.”

Lawyers representing Danielle Bregoli have written letter to Walmart demanding that the retailer stop selling the clothing, TMZ reports. Bregoli’s legal team has given the retailer five days to remove the items.

On Thursday, a total of 15 items with the phrase were available on Walmart’s website for between $US10.99 and $US30.99.

Bregoli became an international sensation last fall after she made an appearance on the “Dr. Phil” show that was later turned into a popular meme on social media.

Not long after the interview, she started booking appearances that reportedly paid her as much as $US30,000 and she now has more than 9.3 million Instagram followers. She also hired bodyguards and a legal team and started selling merchandise with her most famous line from the interview: “Cash me ousside, how ’bout dat.”

Bregoli, who was on the show to address a volatile and sometimes violent relationship with her mother, had originally hurled the line at Dr. Phil’s audience. Her mother interpreted the phrase for the viewers, saying she was challenging them to a fight.

It’s not clear whether Bregoli has any legal rights over the phrase that made her famous.

Death and Taxes reports that several people have filed trademarks for versions of it, including Jefferey Perez in North Carolina applied for “CASH ME OUSSIDE, HOW BOW DAH?”, Randall Whitney in North Carolina applied for “CASH ME OUSSIDE HOW BOW DAH,” and Paige Burton in Maryland applied for “CASH ME OUTSIDE, HOW BOUT DAH?”

A Walmart representative told TMZ the company hasn’t seen Bregoli’s letter but it “takes the claims seriously and will investigate.”

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