Actually, It's Fine If You Don't Have A Plan Or Clear Vision

Many companies that are successful today are successful because they didn’t have a plan. They just went with an idea, took it as far as they needed it to go, and then ended up on the front page of business magazines, talking about their wild success. 

But no matter what business book you read or website you visit, you’ll find a strong case for having a clear vision and using it as a way to measure your progress and your future success. However, this bigger vision might also be too structured and too solid, causing you to miss out on opportunities to really show your customers something special.

Risk Taking 101

Risk – every business owner has to take one at some point.  Just the beginning of a company is a risk in and of itself.  Though you might feel that you were calculated in your company building, the truth is that every company might fail – and yours could have too.  You started with a vision of what you wanted your company to be, but that doesn’t mean you need to stay in that vision.  Instead, it’s value to take risks and to evaluate the results as you go along.  Some risks might be to:

  • Branch out into other markets.
  • Improve your product.
  • Move to a new customer base.

All of these changes might seem to indicate you’ve made a mistake of some sort in your business planning – this is far from the case.  Instead, by taking risks, you will find that you are able to adapt more to the changes in your market.  If you were to sell horses and buggies, but you saw the market begin to branch out into cars, you wouldn’t stick to just what you were selling because it was your initial vision.  Even great ideas need to adapt and to change.

Why Bigger Visions Can Hold You Back

Bigger visions allow you to get started.  You can look at your dream, see if you’re taking steps to move toward it, and then pat yourself on the back each time you succeed.  In the meantime, you might be missing out on opportunities that are happening right now.  You might be missing out on the chance to do something truly unique and amazing, all because you don’t want to upset the status quo.  You might stop being relevant to your customers because only focusing on the bigger picture doesn’t necessarily take into account the needs of customers today.

Isn’t Bigger Better?

Bigger is better, but bigger visions that are too strict and too unflinching will get you into trouble.  You need to keep in mind right now that your bigger vision is sort of the starting pistol for the race toward your dreams and toward your success.  But it is not the finish line.  In fact, your bigger idea should change from the time that you began your company.  You’ve learned more and you’ve grown.  And while you might believe that your first idea is your best idea, the truth is that the world around you changes every day.  You change every day.  Your business changes every day.  To assume that nothing will change because you don’t want it too, is ignoring the reality of business.

Starting with a big vision is great – at the start.  As you grow and learn and experience your market, it’s time to change things up.  It’s time to realise that the vision you have right now might be the one you need to hold onto the hardest…until the next great idea comes up tomorrow.

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