Carol Bartz's 20-Day, $10 Million Challenge

carol bartz yahoo ap

Carol Bartz has two 20-day challenges at Yahoo, writes Gene Munster in a note for clients looking at Carol’s compensation.

If she can get the stock to trade for an average price of $17.60 for 20 trading days, 1.67 million, or 33% of her options, vest at an exercise price of $11.73.

That’s about a $10 million prize.

The rest of her options vest when the stock stays at $20.53 for 20 days.

She’s got a ways to go before she hits that target. Under her watch Yahoo’s stock has only traded above $17 a handful of days.

bartz options

Carol’s tenure has brought us plenty of bluster, but little more than boring results.

The good news here is Carol’s not incentivized to do anything to produce a quick pop in the stock price. Her payday comes when company delivers some consistent returns.

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