The capital of Nepal turns into a 'tent city' as night falls after earthquake

Night is falling in Nepal after a massive earthquake killed over 1,000 people there, and people from inside the capital of Kathmandu are tweeting haunting images of the city post-disaster.

Photographer Kashish Das Shrestha tweeted that Kathmandu was turning into a “tent city” as survivors try to find temporary shelter after dark. (per The New York Times.) There have been 67 tremors in 8 hours, Shrestha tweeted around 10:15 p.m. local time on Saturday, and the city of 3.5 million is “slowly running out of water.” 

Tourists and locals alike are tweeting haunting nighttime images as makeshift camps are set up as night falls.

A traveller in Kathmandu posted images to his Instagram account showing guests of a hotel sitting outside in case of aftershocks.

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