Riding Cairo's Cheapest Public Transport Requires A Special Set Of Hand Signals

There are about half-a-dozen means of public transportation to get around the city of Cairo, and while some are more expensive than others, nothing’s cheaper than micro bus.

Both privately and government owned the micro bus is the most economical ride in town when the subway just won’t do.

Starting at just one Egyptian Pound (about .30 cents), the buses are often filled to capacity and in a hurry to get where they’re going. So potential riders spotting a micro bus in the mad-cap melee of Cairo traffic will fling up a hand or two and sign their desired destination to the driver.

If the signal matches the route, the driver pulls over, riders climb on and drop some coins into the palm of the driver’s hand.

Without knowing the signs matching your destination, there’s little chance a driver will even slow down, much less stop and take the time to fill a rider in on the route.

The following pictures show the bus, the signs needed to ride the it, and what they represent.

Robert Johnson/Business InsiderGetting off the micro bus

Robert Johnson/Business InsiderInside the micro bus

Robert Johnson/Business InsiderGiza Square is a two part-er starting like this …

Robert Johnson/Business InsiderHere’s the second part …

Robert Johnson/Business InsiderThis one is easy: The Pyramids

Robert Johnson/Business InsiderNassar City

Robert Johnson/Business InsiderAnd if you’re headed to the city of the Sixth of October, you’re going to need two hands

Robert Johnson/Business InsiderIf you’re headed to Giza, this is the sign you need to know

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