The Budget Backlash Was So Bad Senior Government Ministers Got Bodyguards

Julie Bishop is one of several government ministers to receive increased protection (Photo: Getty Images)

Several senior government ministers received Australian Federal Police bodyguards in the weeks after the contentious federal budget was delivered.

A Fairfax Media report by James Massola says Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, Treasurer Joe Hockey, junior Defence Minister Stuart Robert and Education Minister Christopher Pyne have all been shadowed by members of the AFP’s Close Personal Protection unit during appearances related to the budget.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has also received increased protection due to the controversial nature of his portfolio and specific threats picked up by the AFP.

Bishop was aggressively heckled by student activists during a university visit following the release of the budget, and specific threats have been made against other ministers.

CPP teams are assigned full-time to the Prime Minister, as well as the Israeli and US ambassadors. The deputy PM also receives one while the PM is overseas.

Government sources cited in the report said the beefed up security was unusual, but made following routine AFP assessments.

There’s more here.

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